Does Website Design Plays Any Role Over SEO Ranking?

The world of digital technology and various innovations has made it clear to the people about the concept of digital marketing and website design. Well, they may not be aware of the advanced technical aspects but surely have the knowledge of basic notion. This often leads to misconception and confusion among general people. One of the common misinterpretations is the relation between website design and SEO ranking. Usually, people think digital marketing and web design are two separate platforms and each has nothing to do with another. Well, this is partially true. Yes, the platforms are separated from each but they are of course interlinked. The design of a website plays an important role in achieving the rank through SEO. This is why a professional and skilled web designing company will never develop a site that is not compatible with the ranking.

Even if your site meets appropriate aesthetic appeal and looks, it may still score below par in the respect of ranking. This is because, Google cannot actually see your site. Moreover, it does not have personal opinion whether or not the site’s design is good or bad. It all depends on the algorithms. Algorithms rule and play the digital world. Similarly, the ranking of a website is also depended on the algorithm.

Ranking factors

Google has been in the constant mood of evolving when it comes to search engine optimization. Over more than 20 years Google takes the help of various algorithms and keep providing amazing and desirable results from all aspects. It tracks the numbers of details (texts and threads of information used for programming) on a website through the algorithm. Hire a skilled SEO company and the expert professionals can certainly help you to achieve the desired results.

Why bad design does hurt SEO?

Improper engagement through your website content and poor design may force the user to step back from further visiting, The user will simply consider going back to the search engine result page to find a better site that is capable of answering his/her query. This action is called bouncing or pogo sticking. When the bouncing rate increases, it tells the search engine that the query was not properly solved and thus, your site was not the ideal place for the user’s search. Google tracks these behaviors to continuously optimize the algorithm for the best ranking results.

Some of the common designing mistakes which can cost your business:

Pop ups: Pop ups are certainly useful but can serve a painful point for the audience. This can be annoying especially if they are accessing the site for the first time. Therefore, pop ups must be used sparingly and not as soon as a user consider visiting the site. You should earn the trust from your audience before asking any kind of contact information or subscription sign up.

Illegible text: Don’t choose a font that is too small, or hard to read. Also, choose the color carefully. People will not stay on your website if they have to decipher the messages you’re trying to say. A smart way to deal with this problem is to hire a web designing company that has the knowledge of implementing the right styles of texts into the website.

Stay away from large files: Large files often which slow down the loading of your site. It doesn’t matter whether the internet connection from the user end is slow or fast, large files are an obvious no. Most of the consumers expect to load a site within 2 seconds or even lesser. If your site is facing a similar issue consider consulting it with a web designing company.

Layout can improve SEO

Make sure that your website has a clean and clear layout. This reduces the chances of bouncing. The ranking can increase if the consumers find their answer easily from where your website. Try to make your site a useful source of information when people are searching questions related to your business. In terms of layout, always remember that whitespace is your friend. Whitespace is the portion that is left unmarked. It is the space between margins, gutters, images, columns etc. Therefore, leave some space and allow your images and texts to breath. This helps the readers to focus on the content and from this, the engagement will automatically increase.

Home page design and content matters

It’s clear that Google can only read a website and thus, its design trends can sometimes make it difficult to add proper content on the required page of your website. A website with very few words and loads of images cannot rank on the search engine page. There are other important factors of SEO which should be considered. To make this simpler and determine the drawbacks of your website hire a professional SEO company. Also, as per Google algorithm results, it gives preference when website contents exist above the fold. Well, from a general perspective, discerning the important ingredients of SEO campaign can be confusing. Being smart, it’s wise to hand over the task to the professionals.

Does UX factors in ranking?

Google is unable to understand the usability or user experience of a website and thus, cannot differentiate. Remember, search engines don’t track the movement of a user just to determine the value of SEO for a particular domain. However, that doesn’t mean that User Experience and ranking factors are not interconnected. Mobile friendly websites are good examples of this. Therefore, the importance of mobile friendly sites has been determined by the algorithm and it will continue to evolve in the future.

An acute and modish solution

There are different types of industries in the world, and when they grow specializations are bound to occur. Similarly, as the industry of digital marketing grew, several specializations were modified between the fields of designs, development, search engine optimizations and many. Now, being a smart business owner, you have to find a talented team of web designing company that works with state-of-the-art technology and processes to boost your project and start new beginning.