Tips To Go For Pre-made Themes Or Custom WordPress CMS Web Design Services In India

WordPress now powers more than one-quarter of all sites out there on the internet. Regarding the look and feel of the site you basically have three options, go for a free theme and be content with a mostly lousy looking site (there are good free themes but they are rare), go for a good looking premium theme which matches the style you are looking for or develop a custom WordPress theme for your WP installation created by CMS web design services in India.

Let’s start your initiation into the world of WordPress and its themes at the very beginning.

What is WordPress?

If you are already acquainted with the concept of CMS then please go ahead skip this section. There are other worthwhile things that demand your attention later on in the post. For the uninitiated WordPress is the most popular CMS or content management system. You can manage a wide variety of content through WordPress and have a wide range of functionality at your disposal like uploading, editing and publishing posts and pages containing a variety of media like audio, images, videos and with the help of plugins even games.

What Benefits Does WordPress Offer?

The benefits of WordPress CMS web design are as follows:


  • WYSIWYG– This is merely a popular acronym for what you see is what you get. Working with the WordPress editor does not place ani specialized or coding skills on part of the user.
  • Suitable for both groups as well as people- One or more users can fill in the content by using the multi-user WordPress admin. This type of flexibility of use helps both teams as well as individuals to maintain and design their sites.
  • SEP Optimized URLs- The copy that one provides to products in the WordPress CMS is picked on by search engine crawlers with surprising swiftness. This means that they have an advantage in terms of SEO and more people are likely to view the site. Even authors have the ability to add essential SEO information like Alt tags.
  • Detailed Documentation- When a user chooses the WordPress CMS solution he can access a wide variety of documentation and resources available on the net regarding it. Which means there is likely a solution out there waiting for you to find to whatever problem you might be experiencing with the CMS.
  • Plugins- The rich variety of plugins developed for WordPress lets the users adapt their website to particular requirements fairly easily.

Difference Between Premium and Custom WordPress Themes

There are two variants of WordPress

  • Custom Built Themes that are custom developed from PSD mockups to WordPress themes.
  • WordPress themes based on pre-made themes

There is a good part of the WordPress code that ordinary users seldom come across. What they usually see are nothing, but dynamic web pages provided by the code called page templates in the world of WordPress.

A premium theme is nothing but a pre-created set of page templates that give a site its visual presentation. They often come accompanied with plugins which are necessary to provide all of its functionality.

Custom WordPress themes as the name suggests are created by developers based on a custom design provided to him or her.

These sorts of customized themes can be made imitating other themes or don the appearance of something that has never been viewed before in the history of the internet though it is something if you can pull this off. Custom themes can be an exact replica of the appearance and functionality that the designer and the business owner had in mind.

In the case of this type of themes, the whole thing works together seamlessly. You will rarely come across problems during updates carried out in a later stage. It is more flexible and can be adapted according to the requirements at hand.

The only time good agencies recommend premium themes for their clients is when the client is so strapped for cash that he just cannot afford the expenses of developing a custom theme.