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Magento is a nine year old open source e-commerce platform format developed by Varien Incorporation. Magento 2.0 was only released a couple of years ago in November 2015 with an ambition to increase user engagement across the platform. It is very useful for an e-commerce website or a retail business venture as it covers essential factors like smooth navigation, improved conversion rates and overall revenue generation for related store owners. It also has a fully responsive template known as ‘LUMA’ which can be customised for a better experience. The exposure provided by this platform for an excellent commerce website boosts the business with huge margins when compared to others. Magento can be accepted as the most convenient business platform without any doubt after the release of its second version.

The Elagoon Digital Team of Magento Web Developers


Elagoon Digital understands your business needs and is always committed to provide you with the best. Your growth has always been our number one priority and responsibility and believes us; we don’t take it for granted. When you trust in us, you trust in the best of software developers. We have figured out the mantra of success through our uniquely developed core strategies of website development. When we work on Magento, we ensure that you’re secured at business fronts and your franchise benefits. Our repeated security checks and immediate resolutions on your setup website ensures your online stores to be secured and free from potential bugs, preventing them from any hacking loss. You don’t have to endure and shortcomings on site. You’re our top most priority regardless of the circumstances. With us as your backup, you need to concentrate only on your business strategies and not on technicalities of site operations. Because when it comes to giving you the best, we deliver unmatched excellence and ensure that you hire magento programmers in Australia, USA, India and Canada and they are no doubt the best ones.