Why You Want To Hire Magento Programmers In USA For Your E-Commerce Store

E-commerce has become a lucrative opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes that you just cannot miss out on. Business owners want a software solution that is scalable and extensive without compromising on flexibility. Magento has literally millions of users and has established itself as one of market leading e-commerce software systems out there. You want to  hire  Magento programmers in USA.

  • Magento is open source and free- Being the most SEO friendly e-commerce platform is just one of the virtues of Magento. It is free, open source and has a rich feature set. The extent to which you can customize its appearance and the content is truly amazing. Magento is simple and easy to use to top it all.
  • Marketing-friendly– It comprises of sales related tools like upsells and cross-sells. It creates search engine friendly URLs.
  • Automatic Updates– Magento automatically updates itself meaning less time spent on maintaining the security and technological advances of your website
  • Flexible pricing of products offered by you– The prices that can be set to products is flexible and customer friendly.
  • Responsive and customizable frontend– Not only can you customize the look and feel of your Magento website to a great extent, but it is mobile friendly and responsive too.
  • Let’s you do advanced SEO stuff– Magento’s advanced SEO features lets you rank higher on all the major search engines with relative ease.
  • Better product management– Magento gives the store manager complete control over the price to display to a specific group of customers, have multiple pictures of the same product.
  • Organized backend– Magento is well reputed for its organized back-end.
  • Functional shopping cart– The shopping cart that comes with Magento can be updated easily.
  • Modular add-ons– The features of the Magento framework and be added to and enhanced according to requirements through add-on modules.
  • A good set of extensions– The extensions available for the Magento framework is extensive and new extensions are being added to the list on a regular basis.
  • Magento was built keeping e-commerce in mind– Unlike some of its competitors, Magento was developed keeping in mind the particular requirements of owners and managers of e-commerce stores. This gives it the upper hand in many crucial and determining factors.
  • The center of attention is the customer– the center of attention in the further development of the Magento framework is the customer thus providing a customer-centric user experience.
  • Safe Payments– Magento offers a safer experience for the customers with secure payments.
  • It supports multiple languages and currencies– With the world becoming smaller you can attract customers from all over the world with Magento’s support for multiple languages and currencies.
  • Easy options for checkout– You can checkout of a Magento store with ease.