Five Tips for Better UI Design

Today is the age of internet and digital media. In today’s world all types of business have their presence in digital world through website, mobile app or social media. People are getting much more engaging with digital media day by day through their personal computer or mobile devices.


As digital media getting so much important day by day it has become very much important to maintain the user experience and interface while designing a website or mobile app. Following are few tips for better UI and UX which should be taken care off by all the web designing companies.


Know Your Audience: For a good UI/UX designer it is very much important to know the target audience like what are they searching for, what is their test, audience search behavior etc.


User Friendly Content: Content is the king for all the digital platform like website, mobile apps etc. It is very much important to use unique and simple content for better user experience. Before writing and arranging content we should keep in mind the need and search behavior of the user.


Use of Typography and Quality Image: It is very much important for a website or mobile app to be easy to read that’s why every website designer should give special emphasis on font typography (font style) and images/graphics we are using. The font style should be readable to the user for that we should keep in mind on font color, font size etc. Graphics is also very important for proper user experience. A good UX designer should use high definition good quality graphics. The graphics must reveal the story of the website and the need of the user.


Responsive Design: Today is the age mobile device and all people are using mobile phone especially smart phones. People are surfing different websites and mobile apps through mobile devices and also doing online purchase. A good web developer will develop the website in a responsive way so that it can give equal performance both in computer and mobile devices


Website Layout and Navigation: For better user experience we should keep in mind the layout of the webpages and the navigation menu structure. The main content of the webpage that carries the buying intent of visitor should be on “above the fold” section of the web page that is visitor should find the details without scrolling   the web page. Unnecessary page scrolling must be avoided. The navigation menu also plays a vital part in user experience. It should be simple.