Common mistakes in implementing the HREFLANG tags

Hreflang is indeed a critical topic and has immense importance in the domain of search engine optimization as it plays a great role in targeting international web audience. Often it seems to be an ordeal to implement it properly in a site that is geo targeted and most of the time its viability is misapprehended. It had been quite some time now that hreflang had been around but still the search engine optimization specialists are facing problem in using it accurately. Even the experienced search ...Read More

Algo To Aggro: SEO Viewpoint Towards Google Algorithm Update

It has been seen many times how hard our industry as a whole gets affected by major Google algorithm updates. Of course, the clients take it hard, but what evade our knowledge sometimes are the account managers or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) directors, how hard it is for them to pacify panicked clients while still keeping the deal. To evaluate this very thing, a survey called "The Human Impact of Google Algorithm Updates" had been conducted. Let us go over some of the surprising results ...Read More

5 Major SEO And Content Shifts to Counter with Absolute Mastery

In the last 5 years, a lot of major changes have occurred in Google, all with the intent of providing the search experience to its users. From shifting to mobile-first to rolling out major algorithm updates, the dynamics have drastically changed and so has the adaptability of marketers alongside. Below is a list of 5 SEO shifts one needs to be familiar with if you want to keep up the game and make profits despite the major changes.
1. SEO and its Content Convergence <...Read More