Algo To Aggro: SEO Viewpoint Towards Google Algorithm Update

It has been seen many times how hard our industry as a whole gets affected by major Google algorithm updates. Of course, the clients take it hard, but what evade our knowledge sometimes are the account managers or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) directors, how hard it is for them to pacify panicked clients while still keeping the deal.

To evaluate this very thing, a survey called “The Human Impact of Google Algorithm Updates” had been conducted. Let us go over some of the surprising results it has produced.

An Introduction to the Topic

To start with, an alarming percentage of respondents (36%) were not aware if their businesses or their client’s businesses have ever been affected by Google algorithm updates. Out of the other 44% who were aware, 26% doesn’t know how to react, 25% gets stressed out by it, and the other 23% are excited with the prospect of a challenge, which certainly bears a good tide in the waters.

Almost one-third of the people who claimed the updates affected them have actually lost clients as a result of this. But despite that, it can be safely assumed that the whole scenario might not be completely unknown, as there was also a certain percentage who gained clients, and yet another, who saw this obstacle as an opportunity to grow. So it can be concluded that much of the responses to such updates in the end, comes down to you and how you handle it.

The survey touched on one last but very important point before ending, and that is, the client-agency relationship and how Google algorithm updates affected it. Since it was found out Google updates actually make clients dependent on their agencies more, so surprisingly, a part of it has been beneficial to SEO all along, with just one tiny downside, which is, with more dependency comes closer scrutiny. But that is something quite easily manageable.

Before we end our discussion, let’s go over some responses from clients who were asked the question “What is the first thing you do when an algorithm update happens?”

The answers, as provided, are given as follows –

The Data-Divers

The Researchers