6 trends in best website designing in Australia right now

Due to its digital nature, best website designing in Australia is more vulnerable to technological changes making an impact upon it than other contemporary creative print fields. Despite technical challenges being there aplenty due to the ever-changing nature of the technology finding favorright now, web design has consistently managed to churn out web interfaces that excel in all fronts.

Here are 6 trends of the best website designing  in Australia

  1. Animations Meant for the Web

Web animations have emerged as one of the foremost trends in web design companies in Australia at the current time. Animated logos allow companies to enhance their brand presentation. But along with the opportunity comes also the risk of messing up your brand message if you fail to get things right. In this context, the big comeback of animated GIFs is to be noted. This comeback has been facilitated by the fact that most GIFs can be seen on most of the connected devices out there.

  1. Emphasis on New Colors

We are seeing the use of more and bolder colors across the spectrum of digital media. Web design agencies in Australia are now not at all reluctant to depart from previous treatments in terms of the visuals involved in the entire messaging for a particular brand. This use of bold and adventurous colors is set to go from strength to strength with tools Khroma facilitating the exploration of the various uses of colors. Designers are keener than ever to see how colors can be used with the aim of delivering an outstanding visual experience. Another key thing of interest is the how these adventurous colors are used to personalize and customize the experience of users.

  1. Innovative Typography

Typography is one of the major weapons in the arsenal of a web designer which he or she can use to attract the eyes of onlookers. Website developers are of late exploring the variety of typographic options at their disposal. Serif fonts are on their way back as the combination of serif and sans-serif fonts find increasing favor. This experimentation with typography has been facilitated by the increasing resolutions of connected devices, giving a boost to legibility. Fonts with personality are being used for both aesthetics in addition to emphasis.

  1. Data Storytelling

Information enabled storytelling is giving new vistas of possibilities to beautifully represented data. This is helping designers convey complex data in an engaging manner to a wide range of audiences. This visually pleasing data telling a tale makes use of the above-mentioned design trends of using bold, adventurous colors and exploring fully the options opened by typographic diversity. The trend is getting stronger by designers throwing in animation to the already eclectic mix not to mention the increasing integration of web interfaces with visual and sensory innovations like AR/VR.

  1. Flat Design Returns In A New Avatar

Flat design is adapting itself to new design trends and has been reinvented as semi-flat design aka Flat 2.0. This design style places emphasis on adding depth and nuance to the purely flat design found in the earlier reincarnation. This is achieved by indulging in moderate taboos like shadows and gradients. Gradients used in the flat design are evolving from something associated with the 00s era. The transitions of gradients are softer, subtler, the color palettes have been updated and the whole thing has a new-found vibrancy.

  1. Lively Illustrations

Illustrations engage people visually without affecting the functionality of a design. The diversity in the form in which illustrations come add a lively element that web design was missing out on earlier. No need to confuse lively illustrations with being whimsical as they are good practical ways in which information can be explained or presented. It adds a lively human element to an otherwise boring routine work of web design. Illustrations have lately been finding favor with web designers due to its ability to give a personality to a design. So, you must seek an advice from the best web design company in Australia

There are of course many other trends emerging from the practices of web designers. But the above mentioned six are according to us the main takeaways with respect to the direction in which web design is headed.